Purely Smoothing Rose

250ML / 720ML

A smoothing, nourishing, and nutritive moisturizing body wash that leaves your skin feeling smoother, hydrated and moisturize after every shower

About Purely Smoothing Rose

Peayur, Purely Smoothing Rose body wash is very carefully formulated for dehydrating skin. By containing of rose water extract, this body wash helps your skin to prevent the process of dehydrating from reoccurring and keep your skin hydrated, revitalized and smooth with no sticky feelings. Let this body wash enrich your real beauty and take care your dehydrating skin even more combined with Hydrolyzed Milk Protein for ultimate nourishing, smoothing and nutritive moisturizing. And the exclusive luxury and tantalizing fragrance of rose continues to relax your mind while you are bathing.


  • Gentle cleansers.
  • Helps to prevent the process of dehydrating skin from reoccurring.
  • Long lasting moisturization with no sticky feelings.
  • Contained Hydrolyzed Milk Protein from France.
  • Leaves your skin feeling Smoother, hydrated and soften even after rinse off.
  • Tantalizing rose fragrance
  • Minimize skin dryness
  • Appropriate for daily use

Protective, healthy and refreshing bodies wash with a vibrant fresh fragrance that leaves your skin with nourishing soothing, smoothing and moisturizing feelings

About Gentle Caring Aloe Vera

Peayur, Gentle Caring Aloe Vera body wash gently cares you and your family skin regularly. This unique body wash contained anti-bacterial agents to help your skin for reducing bacterial accumulation and increasing the level of hygiene and healthiness. As well as, the natural soothing and moisturizing properties of Aloe Vera help to soothes and moisturize your skin without greasy feeling. Also, enriched with Hydrolyzed Milk Protein helps to nourishing and soften your skin. And it’s amazing fresh fragrance continues to re-energize your mind and body while you are bathing.


  • Gentle cleansers
  • Enriched with antibacterial agent
  • Leaves your skin soothing, moisturizing and healthy
  • Amazingly refreshing fragrance revitalize your mind and body
  • Contained Hydrolyzed
  • Milk Protein from France
  • Nourishing smooth and soft skin feeling even after rinse off
  • Minimize skin dryness
  • Appropriate for daily use

Gentle Caring Aloe Vera

250ML / 720ML


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